A member of the Advertising Research Foundation, Arthur Christiani has produced award-winning work for a number of globally recognized brands. Among others, he has worked to deliver quality solutions for names such as Wal-Mart, Schick, ConAgra, and Nabisco. Arthur Christiani also possesses expertise in the areas of social media analysis, email marketing, and online advertising.

Arthur Christiani began his career in marketing research with Pepsi Cola, where he interacted with the Chief Executive Officer in conveying research and analysis results. While there, he also streamlined the company’s taste test survey methods, helped introduce a trademark extension for Mountain Dew, Diet Dew, which was the number one new product, and shaped future methods of analysis for consumer loyalty and switching and how identified how advertising impacts brand choice.

Arthur Christiani also worked for Kraft Foods, and his service there led to a series of awards and honors in recognition of his research and analysis excellence. He received the Kraft Food Sales Planning Support Excellence Award, the Business Building Award, and the Desserts Division Award of Excellence for Business Building. In addition to his other professional responsibilities, he was selected to chair the Advertising Research Foundation Brand Equity Committee, where he penned the bestselling publication Exploring Brand Equity. In 2012 Arthur Christiani was nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Advertising Research Foundation.


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